6 Month Anniversary in NYC

In 3 hours it will be exactly 6 months ago since I went on a one way ticket from LAX to New York not knowing what exactly I was going to do but hustle out here.

And boy did I hustle. Shit, I thought I wasn’t doing enough out here but I have great news for y’all. My ass got promoted a few days ago. I will be the new store manager at my wine store that specializes in Chilean wines. What does this mean? I will be speaking with our distributors, putting on private events, teaching wine classes, building relationships with our clients, marketing, etc…

I’m super excited but freaking nervous but I know I will do just fine. Finally, down to 1 job… It’s crazy to know that for the past 6 months, I had 3 jobs at once, lived in 7 different places, and had barely any sleep. It’s crazy how life is.

Along with this promotion, my long life friend Lena and I have decided to start our own business. I am finally putting in work to do what I have always wanted to open in the last few years. Now y’all will have to wait for what exactly that is until I get my business plan in order! It’s going to be a fun and crazy year.

On other news and just rambling on like crazy on a Sunday night. Do guys get intimated by chickas that have muscular legs? Shit, I haven’t seen so many flipping guys in any other state besides NY that has freaking skinny chicken legs. What’s up with that? I have bigger legs than most of y’all here! Do some squats yo!

What else is going in my life, will I decided to leave “CrossFit” for now. It’s crazy, I started 4 years ago and now I want to focus on training for a marathon one day. First up will be my first 10k. I have 7 weeks to train for it. 6.3 miles doesn’t sound so bad but with my bad knees and joints, we shall see about this. I am using Hal Higdon’s 10k novice training to get to where I need to be. I also can’t wait to take up spin classes again.

I am done rambling on because my strawberry shortcake fro yo is here. Thank you Jeanne for making me crave random sweets right now…

Homemade Protein Banana Panakes


Favorite cafe – Urban Vintage in the US20140323-224257.jpg

Went to a Rachel Ray taping…20140323-224323.jpg

Had the best grilled cheese ever. Pork Belly with Gouda cheese and caramelized onions at Little Muenster in Lower East Side…so damn good!20140323-224339.jpg

This was not worth it. This is what I get for asking my roommate to pick something “healthy”20140323-224354.jpg

My first private event… more to come!



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