Horchata, Paleta, & Family… What More Can You Ask For?

It’s been about two months since Bianca and I have step foot in Guadalajara, Mexico and I am finally getting around to sharing you our story.

The night I arrived in Guadalajara, Bianca and her mom welcomed me with a bag of horchata and an empanada. Oh my favorites and the week to our vacation of food adventures was off to a great start.

We got to to the hotel and just had a girl’s night of catching up with life. The next morning, the ladies had everything planned. I was still tired and I think it was from the jet lag. Crazy, because the time was only two hours ahead and I use to pride myself that I can just settle in quickly!

We started our morning with a walk around the plaza and a café de olla – Black coffee with a tint of cinnamon and sweetness. Traditionally, it is made in a clay pot with cinnamon and piloncillo.


Afterwards, we had gotten into a taxi to head to Bianca’s aunt’s house to hire their neighbor to drive us around the city. While we were waiting for our money to be exchanged, I had gone around the corner to get my first bag of chips. In all of my past trips outside of the US, I always gotten bags of chips to compare the difference and because I’m a bit obsessive with chips :P. As always, they are very different. The nacho cheese Doritos tasted like the green verde salsa chip!


We headed out to Lake Chapala, the largest freshwater lake in Mexico. Along the way, we had stopped at the highest rated birria restaurant. Birria, a meal from the Jalisco state of Mexico consists of a spicy stew with some sort of meat.  The food was pretty good but the amazing side dish was probably the beans and cheese with fresh homemade tortilla. Delicious. Then it was all over, best flan ever too. I’m telling you, it wasn’t a fluke – we had such great food!





With a belly full of yummy goodness, we headed to Chapala where I had fallen in love with the best ice cream ever! Just thinking about the perfect ratio of creaminess and sweetness, I can have this basically every day. Move over Uruguay (was holding the best spot for ice cream), I found my favorite for only 10 cent? Nieve de garrafa – best thing ever!  I wanted to try all the flavors.


After jumping up and down for having the best ice cream, we got on a boat and headed to the island of Scorpion. There wasn’t much to do but to explore the island and share a bowl of cazuela. Throughout the state of Jalisco, this drink ‘cazuela’ is served in a large clay bowl with wedges of citrus fruit, lime, and other yummy goodness.

IMG_4151 IMG_4171 IMG_4193

Before we headed home, we decided to relax with our first tequila since our stay. I was getting pretty tired from our day of exploring and eating. At this point we decided to take the bus back and explored the surrounding areas of our hotel.

IMG_4210 IMG_4213

IMG_4230 IMG_4232 IMG_4238 IMG_4240 IMG_4242 IMG_4243 IMG_4262 IMG_4263 IMG_4264

I think I had diabetes at this point.

After our pre-dinner meal, we got home and freshened up for a musical concert at the theatre. It was pretty cool to see the group of dancers dancing to all the different regions from Mexico.

IMG_4317 IMG_4313 IMG_4324 IMG_4326 IMG_4334

Ended the night with a plate full of elote. 1st night in Mexico. Success.

The next day, we had coffee at the hotel while getting ready for our second stay in Mexico. We explored the museums and cathedrals that was in the plaza. Learned a bit of history and how Guadalajara came about. Afterwards, we headed to the farmer’s market to buy fresh flowers for Bianca’s aunt who was making lunch that afternoon.

IMG_4358 IMG_4370 IMG_4380 IMG_4385 IMG_4368 IMG_4536

I was super excited for this part of my trip. As y’all know, I love food but I love food even more when you get to share it with people that have been cooking these meals for years from recipes that were past down from generations. Bianca’s aunt was up early in the morning before the sun had risen to create this simple delicious chicken pozole. Accompanied with this meal was homemade fresh coconut juice, radishes, avocado, extra lime, onions, and homemade salsa. I was in heaven. I wanted seconds but couldn’t fit anymore in my belly.

IMG_4395 IMG_4384  IMG_4405 IMG_4409 IMG_4420

Couldn’t end the meal without having fresh paleta!


Ended our second night with a live macharan band and more cazuelas and potato chips.

IMG_4435 IMG_4477

The next morning, our cute b&b place hosted our morning breakfast. We tried really hard not to eat as much but that never happens haha but we got to Blanca’s other aunt’s house for another home made lunch. It wasn’t a traditional Mexican dish BUT, we tried I think over 7 different tequilas courtesy to Bianca’s uncle. Found my favorite Herradura!

IMG_4475 IMG_4483 IMG_4516 IMG_4507 IMG_4510 IMG_4521

Of course, I had to tried another bag of chips. Ruffles! It was super interesting but nonetheless, tasty and addicting.

IMG_4527 IMG_4528

After a day full of food, we headed out to town to see the market night. Kids, family, and teenage lovers – every one was out on a Saturday night. Both Bianca and I were so tired that we just opened a bottle of wine and hung out at the patio at our b&b and stayed up all night. Just the way we like it. Relaxing and wished the night hadn’t ended.

Our last day before we headed out to the airport, was more ice cream, bierra, tortas, and my last horchata. Of course, we couldn’t leave Mexico without saluting to some more tequila.

IMG_4533 IMG_4542 IMG_4544 IMG_4550 IMG_4553 IMG_4540 IMG_4541 IMG_4559 IMG_4562

I guess you can stay that this trip was all about food, food, and more food. Until our next adventure, cheers and thank you for reading 🙂


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