Oh Hawaii, you make me want to lay around and eat mangoes all day

Hawaii is one of those places where I can just go over the weekend and feel super relax when I leave. If you look closely and do your research, you can buy a roundtrip ticket from CA to HI, one way, for less than $400 round trip. Thankfully, one of my good girlfriends, Cecilia had a spare room in her home in Kailua for me to stay and save money on lodging.

This post will be a combination of my times in Oahu back in 2010, 2013 and recently this year in 2015.

I’ve known Cecilia since my years in my business fraternity at San Diego State. She is one of those friends where if you haven’t spoken to them in a year or so because you live so far away, and life is too busy, that we both can pleasantly pick up where we left off. We both have the same spirit and outlook on life and it’s nice to know that we will always be friends until we are old no matter where we are in the world.

One of my favorites places to fly into has to be Hawaii! Just look at these gorgeous views.

May 2015


Feb 2013


The moment I got off the plane, Cecilia and her friends just finished fishing and brought back fresh Mahi. Of course, we made ceviche for days!



We didn’t do much that day as it was raining all day/night and I didn’t feel like going to the other side of the island just for a few hours of sun. We had a graduation dinner that night and ended up just doing that before our day of adventures the next day.

I haven’t seen this much Chinese food in so long!


The next morning, we both had gone to a coffee plant because let’s be honest. Who goes to Hawaii and doesn’t taste any of the coffee? I usually don’t get milk or sugar in my coffee but only in Hawaii, you will find yourself fresh coconut milk! Uh, hello, basically, right when I got off the plane I definitely took advantage of that.

This is her view driving away from her house – how gorgeous is this?

IMG_3469 IMG_3479 IMG_3485 IMG_3534 IMG_3490

After having a Campfire Smore (basically a cinnamon bun) and delicious coffee, we headed off to, Waimea Bay off of Northshore. I so wish I had a picture of this gooey deliciousness for you to drool in jealously 😛


Afterwards, we wanted to find Sunset Beach where we had stumbled upon 5 years ago. Until this day, that day at Sunset Beach was probably one of the best moments at a beach in my life back in 2010.


The pictures below are from August 2010 at Sunset Beach. The swing wasn’t there this time. Oh how young I look!

IMG_3038 IMG_3056 IMG_3075 IMG_3087 IMG_8644 IMG_8647

Yes, it indeed had one of the prettiest sunsets..


After the beach, Cecila had to run to a graduation and I just headed to Waikiki Beach for some sun session. Met a couple of random strangers and had a nice time chatting it up with them.

And apparently, if you are in North Shore, you must try the shrimp trucks. I didn’t do it this time because I don’t remember it being that great but all the travel books will tell you otherwise.


IMG_3539 IMG_3540

Here are some pictures of us thinking we were the coolest people on earth drinking out of a coconut in 2010. Ha.


IMG_8619 IMG_8623

Even though there are so many tourists at Waikiki, I still for some reason, love just hanging out there while staring at Diamond Head.



Speaking of Diamond Head, we hiked this place back in 2010. What I had remembered was that the hike itself could’ve been more green but when we had gone, it was so hot and I felt like everything around was all cemet. I mean, you gotta do it once in your life if you are visiting Oahu.

IMG_2647 IMG_8363 IMG_8378 IMG_2639

After a hot day, you must get some shaved ice and wear stupid shades like I did. What was I thinking…


After Waikiki, Cecilia and I had freshen up to go to a barbecue for one of her friend’s birthday.

IMG_3572 IMG_3577

The next day, all I wanted to do was just lay around the beach and chill. After breakfast, we headed off to Kailua Beach. Afterwards, we went on a boat ride around Waikiki.


IMG_3617 IMG_3647 IMG_3650

Before my flight, we decided to hike the Olomana Trail which has three steep peaks – we only made it to two due to time. It was one of the hardest hikes I had done this year. All hills and my left foot was hurting from arthritis. We made it through and it was so luscious and worth every step.  I lost a lot of my pictures and these were the only ones I could find.

It sounds cheesy to have ropes around the trail but you really needed it because it felt like you were bouldering and I am super afraid of heights!




In 2010, Cecilia took us to  Mānoa Falls. 34 36 37 45694_726189193934_6302029_39106319_8070236_n IMG_2957 IMG_8594 IMG_2951 IMG_8636

Every one also had skydived while I took pictures for them.. haha (afraid of heights!)

IMG_2744 IMG_2796

We also thought we were ballers eating dinner at Roy’s for the first time and it was in Oahu which made it more nostalgic.

59 62


IMG_8761 IMG_9035


All of us except for one, had not been to a luau. Pretty typical. Lots of food and dancers. We also had karaoke night which was one of the best nights that will forever be in my memory. You gotta paddle board when your in Hawaii!64 7275 44639_726189852614_6302029_39106395_5307438_n 45888_726190426464_6302029_39106465_7917042_n

Overall, great memories throughout the last 5 years. I really need to try the other islands but there is still time. Until next time, thank you for reading my blog.


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