California Dreaming…

October, you were so good to me. The last few weeks have been a great adventure exploring where I live with Rachel, Shane, Tony, Beverly, Evan, and new friends. I am so grateful to have experienced everything that I have and would not trade places with anyone! Okay, maybe with Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend, wife, or whoever he is dating.

First thing – I love my little fam bam out here. Sunday family dinners are not the same without you guys. I love you more than you know!! ❤

IMG_6059 IMG_6040 IMG_6027

IMG_6428 IMG_6432

5am morning hikes with my Gabester! We went to Mount Diablo and ran an uphill mountain for the heck of it. I love us! haha.

IMG_6168 IMG_6191 IMG_6201 IMG_6219

Rachel & Shane 

Oh I heart you guys. Love you guys so much and I can’t wait to celebrate the day when you have your newborn into this world. I’m going to be the coolest Asian aunt ever! I’m going to teach her/him to like the Cowboys, eat many flavored goldfishes, and Doritos! So happy y’all were able to visit to use my horrible toilet paper, to be city life people using the BART, and to watch football with me!!!!

Chilling in Sausalito


Twin Peaks 


Shane and I ate our ENTIRE meal within seconds after this photo… So good! Check out 4505 Burgers & BBQ when you are in town. Love the outside seating and variety of sauces they provide for your food.


I’ve known y’all forever! I’m surprise you guys still keep me around 😛

Battery Spencer


Doesn’t this couple look too young to get married?

Palace of the Fine Arts


We bought way too many salt water laffy taffy at Munchies Candy


Farmers market in Montclair, Oakland

IMG_6097 IMG_6112

Chilling at Lagunitas Brewery 

IMG_6120 IMG_6116

I had a wedding in Big Sur to go to with Evan and since he has never been to the bay area, we decided to make a mini vacation out of it.

First up, was to explore San Francisco all in one day…

Painted Ladies

IMG_0021 IMG_0025 IMG_0052

Crissy Field

IMG_6250 IMG_0062 IMG_0081

Union Square


China Town


AT&T Park


Lombard Street


Castro District


Half Moon Bay Exploring

The Barn – I need to go back and try the food here but it was a nice spot to just chill in the open seating in the back and have a brew.



Gotta try a local brewery right? Anchor Brewing it is.



The welcome reception at La Playa Carmel Hotel


I wish I had more pictures but we stayed at Coachman’s Inn. Cute quaint place and easily accessible to all of Carmel’s downtown.

We had a few hours to kill before we got on a shuttle to make our way to the wedding in Big Sur.

IMG_6279 IMG_0219 IMG_0228


This was probably not one of our best decisions BUT hey, it all worked out. Wine tasting at Caraccioli Cellars an hour and a half before we had to get on to the shuttle. Mind you, none of us were ready whatsoever, but we made it! I almost got the group onto the wrong shuttle… Ha!


The wedding was absolutely stunning. We had so much fun. Thank you Caroline and Roger for everything!! #brewbecomesbrown

IMG_0254  IMG_6301 IMG_0274 IMG_6321 IMG_0300 IMG_0290 IMG_0332 IMG_0325 IMG_6311 IMG_0352 IMG_0350 IMG_0376 IMG_0370 IMG_0355

The next morning after buying out the entire gift shop (Evan…) we had brunch at Treehouse Cafe right across from our place and oh my gosh – it was fantastic. The best thing was their bread dip. The best fresh bread ever from Palermo Bakery Co.

The restaurant is inspired with Thai and Mediterranean dishes. Such a perfect mix. Great food, super cute ambiance, and overall amazing food.


I’ve never done the 17 mile drive which is one of the most scenic drives that every one must have on their bucket list. I think Evan fell in love with California after drooling over the most beautiful golf courses overlooking the ocean 😛

By the way, I was too lazy to edit the photos and the pictures below does not do justice on how amazing it was but the iphone did a pretty good job!

IMG_0402 IMG_0404 IMG_0424 IMG_0405 IMG_0432 IMG_6344 IMG_0420 IMG_0437 IMG_0427 IMG_0442

The Lone Cypress is an amazing site to see on this drive. Such great natural beauty. I want one of these in my backyard!


After exploring the coast, we finally made it to downtown Napa at the Andaz.


Cute fire pit on the 2nd floor of the hotel.



One of the best dinner ever was at Morimoto Napa. I SOOO wish I had pictures of every dish we had ordered. Y’all that are reading this must try everything. Trust me. Go. Just don’t get the shrimp tempura (Evan just had to order this).

The very next morning, I had the most amazing english muffin ever. Seriously, this weekend was just filled with great food. Explored the Oxbow Market and decided to have breakfast at Model Bakery.

IMG_6351 IMG_6353

Up next is wine tasting in Napa. Check off of Evan’s bucket list.

I’ve been to Castello di Amorosa ‘Castle of Love’ a few times but never got to explore because it’s always a zoo. Thankfully, on a Monday, we were able to check out the winery and have a flight of wine.

IMG_0486 IMG_0586 IMG_0593 IMG_0533 IMG_0522 IMG_0564 IMG_0550 IMG_0534 IMG_0514 IMG_0521

Haha, why did you have to take a picture of me!

IMG_0558 IMG_0563 IMG_0520 IMG_0590

Next up was learning how to shuck oysters at Hog Island Oyster Co at Tomales Bay. Pretty cool atmosphere. Fresh oysters and beers. What more can a girl ask for?

IMG_0600 IMG_0613 IMG_0608 IMG_0620 IMG_0627

I was such a happy camper!! 🙂


Afterwards, we drove along through Point Reyes to explore the light house but I almost ran out of gas so we decided to backtrack, filled up in gas, and headed to Sausalito instead.

IMG_6365 IMG_0672

Best moonlight sunset ever. Period.



What an amazing month filled with laugher, hugs, belly full of food, and adventures. Cheers to having kickass people in my life. Until next time, thank you for reading and checking out my blog filled with random adventures ❤



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