France Italy Greece Part I

It’s been five years since I got an airplane to meet my boyfriend (Brandon) at the time in Europe. How romantic right? Honestly, it really was. I won’t forget the night before watching Hostel with my roommate and scaring myself shitless.

Prior to this Europe trip, I was 12 when it was the last time I had gone out of the country and at 23 flying to Paris by myself was nerve wrecking. If only I knew that wine would’ve been the key to my stressful trip to Europe back then.

Brandon was deployed for a year in Kosovo and he had 2 weeks to spare so we had decided to meet in Paris and go to Italy and Greece.

So there I was, flew into Paris, didn’t know where to go or what to do. It’s funny thinking about it right now. There were so many things I could’ve done differently to save money and time; however, this was the start of my traveling experiences. My four years of French in high school kicked back in and I was able to get a cab to the hotel I needed. Of course during this journey, I was thinking of the movie “Hostel” and getting locked in the cab…..

I arrived at Hotel Louvre Sainte Anne which is in walking distance of the famous Louvre and passed out. Yup – didn’t know how to handle jet lag and I was super dizzy. Decided around 10p that I should go explore and not sit in the hotel waiting for Brandon the next day. I guess I was still adventurous and a bit free spirited because I got dressed and went for a walk. I wish I had the pictures or a video to show you how amazed I was of the beauty of Paris. It seriously was beautiful. Walked around the Louvre and then headed to a restaurant near my hotel – settled for some Asian noodles.

I got home and 10 minutes later Brandon surprised me at the door and we went out for our first glass of wine at some cafe with cheese.

The next day we basically did a bunch of touristy stuff and crammed everything in as much as possible because the majority of our time was going to be in Italy.

We explored the following in two days and took a boat ride around the river in Paris. P.s. these pictures do not do justice on how loving and beautiful Paris was. I was and am still bad at taking pictures….

Jardin du Luxembourg

Le Louvre

Notre Dame

Champs Elysees

Of course we had to see the Eiffel Tower – and why pay to ride an elevator all the way up when you can take a second option to walk up the steps.



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