Spring is just right around the corner…

Spring is just right around the corner and I can not wait to start wearing sandals, shorts, and tanks. One thing I do miss are the beaches in San Diego. My friends need to stop snap chatting me with their days at the beach all tan. While, my roommate and I are going insane being pale and cold. The winter in NYC needs to be over!

Honestly, it’s not that bad. When I had first moved here, every one was telling me how much I would hate the weather and that I would be miserable. Thankfully, I have the best girl friends and sisters who sent me care packages of winter stuff. It also helps that I lived in Tahoe and worked on a mountain resort in the past before so snow and cold weather wasn’t something new.

Since Spring is just around the corner, my girlfriends and I have been on this health kick since Feb 1st! I’m so proud of my girls sticking to their regimen and texting each other about how much we hate everything but love shoving plantain chips down our throats.

Last night, Inese and I decide that for the next 3 weeks, we are going on a strict meal plan diet. I haven’t done this in ages but she will be going to Miami soon soaking up the rays while Rachel will be visiting me soon. That means pizza, bagels, and so much more! What does that mean for us right now? Eat everything in our pantry and fridge before we are on poached (yuck) chicken and veggies and have a bomb ass meal tonight to make up the next few weeks.

Thank goodness for Insanity videos and an amazing view for our morning run today. Afterwards, we were craving an Acai bowls and thought our organic downstairs does fresh Acai bowls but was turned off when they said it was Acai juice…lame.

Roosevelt Island

So we got creative and made an Avocado Spinach Bowl w yummy deliciousness.

Avocado Spinach Bowl

Afterwards, I finally bought a laptop. Never thought I would get a MAC! I can finally blog on my own computer and not on my stupid iPhone or my sister’s old school Mac that has half the screen cracked..

Anywho, Inese and I decided to take the tram from our island to 57th street and walk our way towards Chinatown. Inese was craving octopus and we wanted to walk around the area to get fresh seafood to make a cioppino for dinner. While walking to Chinatown, we stopped near my old neighborhood to pick up some Indian spices.

I never cooked Indian food before, I mean I tried once and it failed but I really want to learn how to use these type of spices more. Went to Kalustyan where you literally can find so many different types of hot sauces, oils, jams, spices, etc. Picked myself up some garam masala, tapioca flour, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and more.


We got hungry and stopped at Union Square at Whole Foods. Chilled outside listening to artists playing on buckets and it got cold super fast.

Whole Foods

On our walk – Grace Church

Grace Church

Overall, we ended up walking 3.2 miles and ended up taking the train to Chinatown.

Dude we bought so many fresh vegetables and fruit for so little! We also passed by some fish markets and Inese saw her octopus; however, we kept on trekking to see if there were better markets around Chinatown. We then realized it was getting late and all the stores were closing. We ended up getting scallops and shrimp at our local store and there was no octopus to be found!

Fruit stand

Made my very first cioppino! So freaking delicious. Ingredients: Shrimp, Scallops, Clams, Salmon, Tomatoes, Onions, Herbs, and some leftover wine from my Chilean wine store. We wanted to make it into a gumbo so I added some brown/barley rice into the mix. Totally hit the spot. If only we had some type of crusty bread and red wine with this mix.

Casas del Bosque


That’s all for now. The plan for next week is a 16 mile hike with some random strangers we never met. Thanks for reading. Ciao.


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