Day 8- Coconut-Lime Brittle


Eating this candy brings back so many memories. My stomach is currently hurting from eating a lot of the candy but it was worth it! When I was 8, my aunt (mom’s second sister) would have myself and siblings over for a nap. While we were napping, she would make brittle with coconut and when we awoke, we had our brittle!

Now that I am back, I had asked my aunt to create the same brittle for me.

Stir about ¼ cup of water with 1 ½ cup of sugar in a pot over medium high heat. Keep stirring. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the coconut. Make sure the coconut flesh that you have is hardened and not soft. Stir for a while and add fresh lime juice in it. My aunt used 1 lime but it could’ve used more.

Meanwhile, add vegetable oil to a baking sheet and add one rice paper over it.

Fill a bowl with water and add a drop of the syrup into the bowl. If the drops hardened, then the syrup is done.

Pour the entire bowl over the baking sheet and wait until it hardens. Viola! Once it is cooled down, you can eat it! Enjoy!


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