Day 11 – Bánh Xèo Brunch

Bánh Xèo

*The measurements below are created for a group of 30

A savory meal that is similar to the standard omelettes that are made at home. The difference is that we don’t use egg batter but rice and it’s thinner like crepes.

My aunts from my dad’s family wanted me over for brunch to make Bánh Xèo translation to ‘sizzling cake’. It’s named this because of the sound it makes when rice batter is poured onto the hot pan. There are many variations on how this dish can be made; however, traditionally there are bean sprouts, pork, shrimp, and green onions.

This afternoon, we had squid and pork inside the crepe and tuna on the side.

First thing is to make the sauce that goes into your crepes. My aunt (co nam) created the sauce:

¼ cup of vegetable oil






Chilli Peppers

All of these ingredients are put in a pot and stirred to your taste. The rest is water.

Secondly, you want to prep your veggies and meat. We had basil, lettuce, and bean sprouts along with our squid and pork sliced. The tuna was cooked separately.

The batter was home made. The night before we filled a bucket with rice (4k) with about 2 inches of water over it. This morning, Sum’s wife and I went to a near by lady and rented her machine to pour the rice in to make the rice batter.

Afterwards, we went back to my aunt’s house (co nam) to start on our brunch.

Put some oil on your pan, then your meat and add the rice batter. Make sure to use a spatula to flip the crepe over like an omelette. Once a few are done, in a bowl, add a few of the crepes, herbs, cabbage, and tuna into the bowl. Add the sauce and viola, you are done!


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