Day 7 – Fresh fish, veggies, and more


I am stuffed with sweets. Overkill today. I decided to try everything that was sweet all in one day. Bad idea. Anyways…

As a kid, I always wondered why my parents only ate fish (ca) and broth (canh). As a child, I craved all sorts of meat. As the years gone by and I acquired my taste, I realized I prefer seafood meals over beef, chicken, duck, etc.

Being back on the island, I now know where my parents get their love for fish from. This morning, I had Tien on the back of my bike and I biked to the markets close by. It’ was awesome to see all of the ladies with their helmets still on, negotiating prices for fish, veggies, and other items.

I finally got my dessert (che), basically a cup full of jelly, beans, coconut, sugar, and condense milk. Yum! We bought fresh fish for lunch, more tofu, and veggies for dinner tonight. The best thing about eating here is that almost everything is fresh; fishes that are caught not long ago.

Yesterday, after my morning run, my mom and I got ready to eat at my dad’s mom’s house. My dad’s side is very laid back. I wish I wasn’t on this 30 day no booze; otherwise, I would’ve joined in on the festivities. All of my dad’s sisters were present along with his youngest brother.

We had squid stuffed with some sort of meat and seafood hotpot. It was the best seafood hotpot (ca lau) broth I ever had. The stuffed squid was also amazing. Normally, you have the seafood hotpot with noodles; however, I opted out and ate mainly the squid and veggies.

Afterwards, my cousins took me to two of the highest hilltop in Phu Quy. Standing on top of the hill, I’ve never been so proud of where my parents come from. It’s such a beautiful island and it’s ashamed that I haven’t gone as much as I should have in the past years. P.S. I should be able to know how to swim considering my entire family is surrounded by ocean! 😉

We went to go eat and I realized I have had snails before and actually like it! Of course more seafood hotpot and squid. Afterwards, my cousins took me to a karoke place.



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