7 Weeks Later… – Mount Diablo

7 Weeks later and I finally have time to myself to write to y’all and bring you up to date. For those that don’t know… I moved to the bay area on January 3rd 2015 from New York and it’s been a crazy 7 weeks! I now work in advertising for a well known publisher and can’t have free wine anymore! 😦

I’ve hiked 3 mountains. Explored many trails. Flew to Seattle. Drove to San Diego. Found my own apartment. Ran over 50 miles. Turned my paleness (dang you NYC) into a tan (yay California). Ate too much ice cream. Threw a Vietnamese New Years dinner. Lit a lantern on the beach. Learned how to bachata..Kind of. Need sleep.

Last night rendezvous – I learned:

* How to gamble the popular Vietnamese game bầu cua cá cọp – thank you Beverly

* Learned how to teach my friends how to make a summer roll with catfish – thank you Amy

* Learned how to bachata – thanks to Joanna

IMG_4076 IMG_4078 IMG_4083

Do I miss NYC? Tremendously. But I got my NYC love dose this week when I saw my old roommate Keavy and dodgeball teammate Tim this week. I will be back to visit in August. I do; however, LOVE what the bay area has to offer. This is what I needed in my life! It has been great and I think I may settle in this town of mine for more than a year 😉 We shall see.

The big 30 is this year and my goal is to travel as much as possible. I feel like I didn’t get to do much of that last year. So cheers to Hawaii, Mexico, San Diego, New York that are planned in the books so far…Spain and Portugal you shall see me soon! Speaking of which.. I need to renew my passport.

New Years Resolution is to hike 30 mountains before I turn 30. So far, 3 down.

Sometimes, just exploring on your own to wonder about life is what you need when you have a lot going on and just want to clear your head. This was an easy to moderate 6.5 mile round trip from Junction Campground to the summit of an elevation of 3,849 ft.

Cost – $10 for vehicle


The drive into the park is beautiful! Filled with green grass, yellow flowers, and cows.

IMG_4100 IMG_4137

I had parked at the Junction campground and started to walk towards Juniper Campground and this was one of the lookouts.


Juniper Trail was only 1 mile.

IMG_4138 IMG_4133 IMG_4136 IMG_4134

Made it to the summit only to find out that my phone had died. It was gorgeous! Sooo beautiful. The sunlight was aiming at the mountain just right. I rushed back down to my car and drove back up and wasn’t able to get the shot I wanted but this is still beauty.

Summit of Mount Diablo

Until next time – I will do my best to keep updating my blog. Thank you to those that read into my little journal. ❤ Xuan


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