France Italy Greece Part II

After Paris, our next adventure was to head to Italy. I knew where we were going and how long I wanted to spend in each city since we were on a time schedule due to Brandon’s leave. I used RailEurope for my transportation and you can purchase multi-tickets but the one thing you must know when traveling is that shit happens. Of course booking things in advance is not always the best. Why? Because you miss one bus ride, then you have to change every order! That could be a hassle and expensive…

I swear it was like a James Bond movie. I forget what had happened but there was so much traffic in the streets of Paris and we needed to go to the bus station at a certain time to make the train ride. We were already behind and I really didn’t have a back up plan if things were to go to down hill from here. In my broken French, I tell the taxi driver that I would pay him extra if he drove like a  maniac and got us to the train station as fast as possible.

He was swerving through traffic and not obeying traffic laws. I seriously thought that we were going to get pulled over. We get out, and of course I have a big ass suitcase and trying to run with it was impossible. It was our first time at a train station and we were so lost. We didn’t know which area to head and we had about a couple of minutes to spare. We see our train and they are literally about to leave. An employee see us frantically coming to him and he doesn’t say anything to the train driver but asked Brandon for our tickets. He says we can come aboard; however, the train starts moving…and he is trying to help us up with our suitcases. My suitcase literally was 50 pounds at least…he throws the suitcase to the employee, gets me up and gets himself up. Sweating and stressed out, we made it on the train but we are far away from our seats…..

Going from one end of the train to the front was hell. Sweating, carrying big suitcases through tiny halls was not logistically planned well on my part.

I told myself at this point that I would never pack like that again and until this day, I haven’t.

However, it’s a beautiful way to see the country side. We arrived at Hotel Home. One of our favorite hotels that we stayed at in Europe. The breakfast in the morning was delicious filled of yogurt, meat, crackers, cereal, eggs, cheese, etc..

The next day, we explored my favorite city in the world – Florence. Just don’t forget to wear a scarf over your shoulders if it is bare. I forgot about that and just got a shirt on the side from a vendor.

We got to explore the following: Il Duomo – Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore, and Galleria dell’Accademia.

IMG_0377 IMG_0371 IMG_0369 IMG_0374 IMG_0361

Of course I had to had my share of gelato!


At the time I had gone, I didn’t see that many travelers here in this beautiful city. The buildings, art, and history that this city has to offer is something that one has to see. The pictures do not do justice on how I feel about this place. I had the most amazing seafood pasta, swordfish, and wine. Perhaps it was the setting; Brandon and I overlooking the Ponte Vecchino sipping on my first Pinot Noir and having the best seafood dish ever. Don’t forget the live jazz at the restaurant “Open Bar”.

My camera had died so the scene above was not captured! One day, I will be back!








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