Sunday Cooking Days in NYC!

Today was National Bagel Day! What better way to spend then at my very own favorite bagel shop. I’ve been feeling under the weather but I had to get out of bed to celebrate this joyous but super cold Sunday!

As always a Whole Wheat Everything Bagel with egg and bacon! I lied to myself that getting “whole wheat” would be healthy but hey, it’s still freaking damn good.

I haven’t had a chance to fully cook since I’ve been in New York. What do I mean by fully cook? Well, for one, a working kitchen, space, and time haven’t been in my cards until recently. Now….. I have my Sundays to fully cook an actual meal!

I was reading an article about the top 45 French meals that one must have before they died. I wanted to try these “supposedly” die for French meals and since I can’t get it in France, mind as well start making it.

This is my 2nd out of the 45 and let me introduce to you the Poulet Basquaise. Just pretend I was saying that in a French accent.

I literally was just going to lay on my couch all day and watch Bones but Lena came over and got me up and going.

Okay, now back to the Poulet Basquaise.

It’s pretty simple.

1. Brown the chicken and move aside
2. Sauté onions and garlic
3. Add some delicious white wine. I had a bottle leftover from my Chilean wine store. A white blend from Anakena of riesling, chardonnay, and viognier)
4. Add chopped tomatoes, red bell peppers
5. Season with thyme, paprika, salt and pepper
6. Add chicken back in and simmer

I had it over black bean noodles.

Cheers with some wine and enjoy!








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