Caribbean Cruise Part I Jan 2011

Since July 2012, I have not lived in a city for more than 2 months. For the first time since then, I have moved to New York City and have been in 5 different homes…Crazy?! Yes, but that will be another post. I have a travel bug at the moment and just want to get up and fly to Spain, Italy, or Austria. I guess reminiscing on my past travels will do for now.

When I was 25, a group of friends and I envisioned traveling to a country each year; We had made this pact when we had gone on our first trip to Hawaii in 2010. Tyler was going to be deployed soon and he wanted all of us to enjoy a cruise since the majority of us have never been on one. Over banana crumb muffins at my place in San Diego, we all had a meeting to decide where we should go. During this meeting, we also discovered how to find the best credit cards that will give us the largest amount of miles if we spent a certain amount of money within a timeframe. At this time, we settled to go on a 7 day Caribbean Cruise to stop in Mexico, Belize, Cayman Islands, and Honduras. As some of you know, I hate the ocean. I can’t swim and I get nauseous in boats easily.

We packed our bags and flew to Miami, FL where our port was located. We had one night in Miami and of course there was no resting. It was my first time in Miami and I wanted to know what the beaches and the people were like. To be honest, it was not my scene. The beaches were nice, but it wasn’t spectuacular. In addition, the clubs/bars were fun but it wasn’t as outrageous when compared to its hype. We still made it fun of course.

Our first night on the cruise was just dancing at one of the “clubs” they had for the adults. No one was really dancing, but we made it our party. I haven’t looked at these pictures in a long time and I am not sure where the banana came from but it made me laugh. hah.


Our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico. The boat landed at the dock and then you have to take another boat for 30 minutes to go to any cities nearby. I believe we had gone to Playa del Carmen. There was also a time change that we had to consider…

This was the best part. $5 dollars for 6 beers and 2 tacos.

While we were enjoying our beers and tacos, we were nervous that we were not going to make it back to the dock in time.We had to be back at the dock by 5p. We wanted to get back on the small boat to make it to the dock but decided against it. Biggest mistake ever. We took the next boat and when we had gone to the dock to get back to our cruise…no one was around. We started to run towards our boat and while we were running, we saw one Carnival boat leaving away. Devastated, we still ran like no other and realized that our boat was waiting for someone. Apparently, it wasn’t for us. They decided to wait for the magician but he never showed up. It was crazy. While we were running up to our boat, you just see every one cheering for us at the top and the crewman yelling us to hurry up. Awesome adrenaline.


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