The Narrows Trail – Zion National Park Utah

I’ve talked about having a fear of heights in recent posts. Well, I also don’t do well with water… Yes, not as adventurous as I should be but I still put myself in situations that I regret during the time and later is okay with it.

During our Zion trip in October 2011, we wanted to do the Subway hike; however, since it was a last minute road trip, I wasn’t able to get a permit to do the hike nor did I have the canyoneering gear. We ended up doing the Narrows hike to the start of the Subway trail.

The Narrows hike is supposed to be an easy 3.1 mile hike through water and canyons. I say, “suppose to” because although it was not strenuous whatsoever, I thought I was going to die out there in the water.

Start of the Trail Waist Deep!

I don’t do well in the water, let alone, icing cold water! When you look at these pictures, you probably would ask why in the heck am I wearing shorts and a small fleece? Yah, I was thinking the same thing as I was walking through the canyon and regretting every piece of it. Honestly, this was the worst hike I have ever been on; mainly because I was so cold and my fingers were numb.

Before you go on the hike, there is a store near by where you can rent out boots, sticks, and wetsuits. They also let you know what the temperature of the water is and if the water is too high to hike in. We rented walking boots and sticks. The sticks sounds lame but it was the best thing ever especially since you are hiking on rocks and with my bad knees and messed up foot, it was worth it.

The start of this trail is at the end of Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The trail starts off with a small amount of water in the river and then gradually it went up to my waist. The hike was all right; it wasn’t ideal for me to be hiking on rocks. Nevertheless, we kept on hiking towards the Subway trail and then turned back before the sun had gone down.

Here is the start of the Subway trail.

Start of the Subway Trail

Did you noticed I took my sister’s jacket and my nose is pink?

So Cold!


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