Angels Landing Trail – Zion National Park Utah

I am terrified of heights. Just thinking about it right now gives me tingles in my fingers.

Yet, I always end up discovering a new place that totally freaks me out and doing splits at the top of mountains.

In Oct of 2011, Beverly (sister), Johnny (her friend), and I decided last minute to do a mini road trip to Zion National Park. On the very last day of our trip before I headed back to San Diego, we hiked Angels Landing.

Originally, I wasn’t even going to hike this mountain. Why would I put myself in this danger? Especially when there is a sign before you start the hike that there have been death accidents.

The hike is 2.4 miles long starting with a slow elevation going through switchbacks along Zion Canyon. It paves out and you will go through some beautiful scenery on concrete road.

Start of the Hike

Afterwards, you will go through Walter’s Wiggles, which are 21 steep switchbacks before you head to Scout Lookout. For most people, this is the turnaround point.

Water's Wiggle

It’s funny because when we had made it to Scout Lookout, I was thinking to myself this was it? Then I looked to my left and behold there was a steep mountain full of chains and cliffside views.

Ascend to Angels Landing

I seriously, thought we were done and that was the finale! However, we were wrong and took our time taking pictures before we ascended up to Angels Landing. There were people with rope and plenty of gear. I just had my hiking shoes, a backpack, and some trail mix.

Scout Lookout Beverly and I

We had made it that far, mind as well keep on going. I tried to convince other hikers to come along; however, only some were brave enough to continue.  If you are afraid of heights, then you will definitely be scared. I am not going to lie but it was pretty scary hiking along the cliff and holding on to the chains for dear life and hoping that no wind would pick up.

Holding on for dear life

After a slow and scary hike, we made it to Angels Landing! Of course, I had to do the splits while tourists took pictures of me. I didn’t want to show this picture but there needs to be proof!



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