Havasupai – Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

There are many areas where you can hike and lodge at the Grand Canyon National Park.

In the summer of 2007, Michelle, Gary, and I drove to Coconino, Arizona backpacked 10 miles into a canyon to uncover several beautiful waterfalls surrounding us at our campground.

I was 22 at the time and never experienced the “backpacking” ways of camping. Let’s just say I was not prepared for the 10 mile hike into the canyon. We started at the Hualapai Hilltop where you can park your car overnight in the parking lot.

All I had was a backpack, crappy shoes, tuna cans, and not enough water. I’m sure if I revisit the place with proper attire, food, and plenty of water it would be a lot easier. That being said, I thought it was horrible! I wanted to die from the heat exhaustion and scream at every one else that hired a donkey to carry their camping gear and coolers.

The hike is not on a paved road. It’s pretty dusty and dry during this time of the year. I believed we went in August. The hike is considered moderately difficult. The hike is steep and you will be doing switchbacks for the first mile and a half. In addition, the road is rocky and rugged.

When I was 17, I tore all of my ligaments in my left foot and this was my first long journey walking/hiking this far and my foot was acting up! It doesn’t help that I had regular shoes on. Make sure to bring good hiking shoes.

The trail goes thru a village before you hit the campground. I just remembered seeing a lot of stray dogs…

Once you reach the campground, beautiful waterfalls surround you. There are bathrooms but as for showers, you can just shower in the river.

Michelle and I

That weekend was very peaceful just chilling along the river and playing in the pools. There are waterfalls where you can jump from a rope, etc. For those that know me, one of these days…I’ll learn how to swim 😉


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