Day 15 – Spear Fishing for Squid, Fish, and Seawater Snails

Yesterday was a fun filled day with the electricity being out on the island.

The morning started by getting to the other side of the island by 5:30a.m. to buy fresh fish. Here you will see many boats that just finished their fishing for the night with boxes full of different kinds of fishes, shell fish, and squid. These fishes taste so much different before it hits the ice and is transfer to the store or freezer.

My mom also picked up some “Bánh dầy đậu xanh” which translates to thick cake with red bean. It’s basically a round glutinous rice cake with tough, chewy texture filled with mung bean. It was my first Vietnamese breakfast since I had arrived and it was delicious.

Afterwards, I had coffee with my first cousins.

Later on that day, after lunch, we all got on our motorbikes and headed out to an excluded area on the island. It was so beautiful. The water was just as nice as Hawaii and the surrounding green cliffs made it better. The only problem I would have to say is that there are tons of flies every where!

We brought spears, nets, and even a home made spear fish gun to catch whatever was in the sea. The girls and I started a fire with what we had. Basically just coals, a lighter, and a top to grill our corn and fish. I got some surrounding twigs and bushes and started the fire and Vong used rice paper to fan the fire. Haha. Island life.

The boys caught some colorful fishes plus two yummy squid. My uncle Hoang was able to dig a bunch of seawater snails which is ốc.

Ốc – these are something you have to experience on your own. Gather a bunch, take out the grill, and leave the shells on grill. You will hear the snail boil inside and it’s great to have it with an ice cold beer. In this case, someone forgot to bring the drinks!

I had a wonderful time just chilling with my cousins and eating fresh fish, seawater snails, and squid. You can call it island life.

At night, I got fresh sugar cane juice with my aunt on my dad’s side and afterwards, I bought 15 coups of ice cream for my cousins children.

Until next time.


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