Day 2 – On the island of Phu Quy

Last night, I was already up at 4am because it seems that every one from the island wakes up at this time. I had my muesli that I had brought with me and went to the roof top to do a mini workout.

Afterwards, half of the group that was in our hotel decided to go to breakfast while my uncle and cousins had gone to get some coffee.

It was my first Vietnamese coffee in Vietnam! Espresso over sweetened condensed milk. For those that know me well, I don’t like to add any creamer or sugar to a proper coffee; however, I had to try it! It’s called, “Ca phe sua”

Before we had headed to the boat, Thu and I walked around the market to get some items to bring back to our grandma’s house. Thu is the eldest daughter of my mom’s oldest sister. It was awesome just hanging out with her after 19 years! She was still the same girl that I had remembered when I was 8.

I didn’t know what to expect on this 6 hour boat ride to the island. What I remembered last was a boat that was the size of a canoe, and ants crawling all over me. It was miserable. Although the boat was not luxurious, I was able to have my own cot. Thank goodness for dramene because I think I would’ve puked the entire time. It was so windy that many people were wet inside the boat. I felt so bad for those that were not able to have a cot like us. They laid on the floor inside the boat where it was hot from the engine.

We finally arrived and I was taken right away to my grandma’s house. I guess, an officer of the military had saw me rode off with my cousin and since I didn’t look like one of the locals demanded my Visa right away from my uncle. Thankfully, everything was squared away and  nothing happened. I guess my backpack and my water bottle made it seem like I was another backpacker.

All of my mom’s sisters were there to greet me and was so happy to see me; despite the fact that I was super dark and have bad skin at the moment. They kept touching me and I was overwhelemed. It was great to see every one but I wish my Vietnamese was fluent. My grandparents were the same, no emotions, but greeted me.

Hoang – my favorite uncle that had picked me up, his wife is known to be a great cook. I can’t wait until she teaches me all the traditional food. Last night, the fish I had was amazing. Not sure what kind of fish it was but it was caught that day and saute for me. I haven’t had fresh local fish that was mouth watering in a long time.

I knocked out around 9:30p.m. and the lights are off at 11:30p on the island. I awoke this morning at 4a.m. and had my muesli with yogurt and was off for a run around 5:30am. Before the run, I had decided to see my dad’s mom. I got directions from aunt and was there in 5 minutes. I saw my grandma and was trying so hard not to cry. She touched my face, arms, and had tears in her eyes. She is now blind and was not able to see me. After having a conversation with her, I walked out for my run and the tears started. I was so sad that I haven’t been back in such a long time for her to see me. She was very welcoming and hugged me and I just ran around the island crying…

It’s okay though, I am now here and am so thankful to be. It is now 8am and I will be going back to my dad’s ma’s house in a bit for a proper hello with my mom.

Until next time.


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