Day 1

I think jet lag is finally kicking in for once. Everything around me is swirling in circles. Yet, I won’t let it beat me. It’s 7p and I am telling myself to stay up until it’s bed time. I’ll be going out with my cousins later tonight for some coffee or an avocado shake!

International terminal at LAX is lame! Not that many options for food or anything to do. I still think Singapore has the best airport.

My adventure started with a 13 hour flight to Taipei. I’m on a 30 day no booze and don’t understand why I didn’t do this after my trip! It’s always a tradition for myself to have some wine and pass out and I don’t like sleeping pills; therefore, didn’t have anything to help me knock out. However, I was able to sleep for a few hours.

We arrived in Taipei this morning and had another 3 hour flight to Saigon. It’s crazy, I’ve never been around so many Asians that spoke Vietnamese! Partially because I don’t live around a big Vietnamese community. It’s funny, every one thinks it’s cool to start talking to me in Vietnamese asking me to put eye drops in your eyes, or fixing his/her iPhone. Little did they know I didn’t understand what they were saying at all because of their dialect but used my non-verbal communication that I have gained traveling ha.

The 3 hours went by fast and we were welcomed by hundreds of locals! I didn’t know how we were going to find my uncle but we did 🙂 My uncle that met us was my favorite one. On my last visit, he had taken me around and climb coconut trees just to get me a fresh one I was also met with me cousin Viet whom I had hung out with when I had last visited.

My emotions were every where. I didn’t know if they would recognize me or had the same feelings I had. I wanted to give big hugs and asked them in my broken Vietnamese if they remembered our fun times.

My uncle of course did and re-told the story of our coconut days 🙂 It definitely put a smile to my face.

After we had arrived, we drove to Phan Thiet where tomorrow morning we will go on a 6 hour boat ride to the island of Phu Quy. The minivan ride was to take 4 hours but it ended up being 6 hours due to rain and the notorious crazy traffic in Saigon. I did get my first Banh Mi!

We arrived at our hotel and an hour later headed for dinner. While I was waiting for my mom to cross the crazy traffic and thinking to myself that she needs to hurry up and not wait around, I get hit by a cargo on some dude’s bike. I’m okay but dang, watch where you are going!

Dinner was a whopping total of 4 bucks ish! We had sour fish, rice, veggies with squid, and pork. Honestly, it was okay. My cousin and uncle thought the same too. They are spoiled with great fish on the island and perhaps I am too from my momma.

I really should rest but I’m typing away on my iPhone and will be going out tonight with one of my cousins Thu.








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