Happy New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai – Food, Food, and Thai Whiskey!


Yesterday morning:

Once again, we started our morning with our big bowl of fruit, yogurt, and muesli; followed by our favorite coffee place with a double shot of espresso and soy milk. Starting the day off right since I had only four hours of sleep the night before. It’s been hard going to bed because I just want to keep in touch with my family and friends and the time difference makes it hard.

Our friend Art picked us up and we had gone on a road trip on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. The first stop we head to is the Tiger Kingdom. They say that they don’t drug them but it amazes me that so many tourists can be in the playground where all the tigers are at and nothing to happen. I opted out because for one, it was expensive for my backpacker’s budget and secondly, it felt weird paying to take a picture with a tiger not at it’s natural state.

I normally would be all over but I just wasn’t feeling it. They are sure cute though.

The next thing that was close to the Tiger Kingdom was the Elephant Campground. Art was telling us to go to the “show” and basically it’s just a bunch of elephants doing some art work, playing darts on balloons against customers, and massaging the owners. Nothing really special.

I did get to feed a baby elephant and that was cool until I was posing for a pic and it kicked me in the back. I think it was trying to get out of the play pin :/

It was cool being on the countryside specially in the Mae Rim. You can see that the prices for fruit and veggies are significantly lower but I had Art do the talking while I pretend I didn’t know English.

Once again, we hit up another Thai market and this time, every thing was so cheap! Thai Ice Tea for only .25 cent and pieces of chicken for a penny. Jasmine and I tried almost everything in site.

Afterwards, Art had to go back to this work which is at a Nissan dealership to put in one hour. The company was having a New Years Eve festival and asked us to join them. We had fried fish, sticky rice, whiskey, veggies, pork with peanut sauce, bbq pork, and many more. The employees were so nice to us and we had music going on, water fight, and welcomed us with Jasmine flowers.

It’s about 6:30p and Art decides to take us the Wat Phrathat and it is the most beautiful temple that I have ever seen in my life. Here you can climb the 309 steps to get to the top of the mountain/temple and get views of the entire town of Chiang Mai.

Since it was New Years Eve, we prayed with the buddhas, and was in search for our prophecy. I’m not sure what my means quite yet but I am sure it will play out.

Still full, I still wanted to eat more so Art dropped us off and finally got a bowl of Khao Soi Kai – Noodles with chicken topped with Fried Egg Noodles and curry. There is this road that has a bunch of street food and this joint always smell good and my inner fat self decided to order a bowl even though I was full from the festivities and market earlier. So good! Only 40B which is about $1.38! This dish is a popular dish in the northern parts of Thailand. Afterwards, I got myself a plate of mango sticky rice again to end the night.

I think all that food made it hard for me to get some rest last night. Ha! Today is New Years for the country of Thailand and I am of to the Songkran Festival of 2013!


Love To Hear From You!

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