Day 2 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jasmine and I are currently in Chiang Mai and we are loving this old town in the Northern part of Thailand! We arrived 2 days ago by train. It was the most miserable train I have ever been on and it was for 18 hours!

I have done many hours on buses, trains, cars, etc; however, this was the worst because we were unable to get at least second or first class where  you can actually sleep! When we were in Bangkok, all of the tickets were sold out for the train except for third class and all of the nice VIP buses had prices that were outrageous due to the upcoming holiday of Songkran.

We settled, and bought a train ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. I haven’t felt so dehydrated, hungry, and dirty all at once in a while and I was close to my breaking point. I slept sitting up the whole way while Jasmine laid on my lap as my little sister 🙂 and of course ate whatever the women would bring on the train. We had yogurt, oats, and banana for dinner, a bun with meat, watermelon, pineapple, and of course seaweed chips!

After we had arrived in Chiang Mai, all we wanted to do was eat, sleep, and shower and rest up for today.

My new favorite Thai dessert. Mango Sticky Rice. In addition, the northern part of Thailand are more about meatless meals and veggies! Thank goodness, because I was missing my fruits and veggies and there are abundant of them here at the markets.

Chicken with Cashes and Veggies Fried Banana with Ice Cream Mango Sticky Rice


Our plan today was to walk to the Old Town of Chiang Mai and look at temples, maybe get a massage, and go to the Night Bazaar that the city puts on at night.

It didn’t go as planned and we believed that it was a good thing it didn’t! It all started in the morning when we had started to walk to the bus station to get our tickets to Laos squared away. We had hitched hiked the day before and thought that it might work again. To our surprise, it did. It was our new means of transportation since our hotel is away from the hustle of the center and rarely does tuks tuks come by.

Besides, we save money this way and can talk to the locals about random things in life.

I am not quite sure what the temple’s name was but we had an early morning prayer to Buddha. Afterwards, we decided that we wanted to get to know the locals better. So we were on a mission to find the locals and only talk to them. The first stop was at an auto shop. We had asked for a bottle of beer and from there, we were given “Jasmine” flowers to welcome us into their country and exchanged numbers to meet up later for a dance and karaoke.

Afterwards, we went to Wat Phra Singha. Here, we were given a petal from a flower to pray with and a history of the Buddhas. The volunteers for the temples in Chiang Mai are kind and genuine in everything that they say to you.

Waxed Buddhas

We have been on the go since day 1 in Bangkok and we wanted to get a full body Thai massage. We had walked to the Women’s Prison in town because we had heard that the inmates gave massages to customers; however, when we had got there, everything was broken and down and the prison had moved else where.

Determined, we walked around and found a Thai massage school near by who was charging 120 Baht which is about $4 for 1 hour of massages! $4! That is amazing and yes, the lady actually stepped on my back and it was amazing!

Thai Massage School

Feeling relaxed and having a few hours to spare before we meet with the locals that we had met previously, we had hitched hike again and met Tea. We wanted to go to the night markets but every local was telling us to go to the Warotot Market. So with that said, Tea took us there. Since it was early in the day, we had asked Tea if he can take us to an area where we can have some great street food.

The best Pad Thai for only 20 Baht! Less than $1 for a whole plate of goodness. I tried to be adventurous and got some random dessert near by and it was gross.

Pad Thai Pumpkin and Egg Dessert

We went back to Tea’s place and chilled while he had went to go shower. Tea then dropped us off at our place so we can freshen up and then we had gone back to the market and it was happening. Loads of locals out and about buying cheap clothes, gadgets, and food. Reminded me of China town but at night. Jasmine got a top and I of course went after the food. Smoothies for under 75 cent – you can’t go wrong there!

My Mango Smoothie

Tea had called the locals that we were suppose to meet up previously but that had fallen through. We ended up going to a local pub & restaurant. Here, there was no expats in site except for Jasmine and I. There was also a local band playing in the background to some poppy Justin Bieber style music.

It was still early in the night and we had asked Tea if we can go see the Muai Thai boxing game. Luckily we had Tea because it would’ve cost us about $15 dollars to see the game but we got in for free, saw the last fight, and drank whiskey with some more locals.

Afterwards, they had taken us to a street where you can find many tourists partying it up to house or reggae music.

We are now back at our place and again, just had another bag of seaweed potato chips and a bag of cookies.

Until next time.


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