A couple of days to spare in Bangkok!

Five nights ago, Jasmine and I stepped foot onto an airplane from the Gold Coast of Australia to fly into Thailand. It was a sponatenous and adventurous trip that was only planned a week before that.

We had both met in Australia about three weeks ago and talked about going to Southeast Asia some time in our lives but was worry to go on our own. I was planning on going to Bali during my stay in Oz until Jasmine emailed and asked if I wanted to go to SE Asia.

That email will forever change our lives. After a few days, we booked our ticket to Bangkok and started to plan within a week for our 23 day of adventures in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

So far, it’s been an amazing journey; just sitting at the bar/lounge at my resort at one of the top ten islands in the world, Koh Tao with a Pina Colada. Yup, life is good.


Bags packed, confirmations sent, 0 hours of sleep, and a Tim Tam slam to start our day to the airport. It was Jasmine’s last day in Australia and the one wish she wanted was to have a Tim Tam Slam before she left. Well she was in luck. Remember that post I did on Tim Tams? You got it, I still had about 20 Tim Tams left over.

Tim Tam Slam at 5am Heading off to Bangkok

The flight was about 8 hours and although we were on 0 hours of sleep, we were unable to sleep. So much for the bottles of wine that was suppose to help us out! 2 1/2 hours layover in Singapore and a 2 hour flight later, we landed in Bangkok at 7p.

Everyone knows that I am prone to mosquitos bites wherever I go. However, how the heck do I get eaten alive at an airport when I don’t see any windows in site?! After about an hour in line at customs, we head for the air tram and make our 1 1/2 hour trip  to our hostel. It was a bit nerve wrecking since we didn’t know what to expect in terms of safety in Bangkok. Surprisngly, I was able to find our way to the hostel and we were starving! We wanted to have the best Thai food there was but after 2 hours searching for one, we settled for our hostel’s food. They had asked me if I wanted it spicy and in the states, I always asked at least a level of 7 from the range of 1-10. I told the waitress, yes, spicy and oh my gosh, did I regret it. Since then, I haven’t asked for spicy food 😦

Saphaipae Hostel Saphaipae Hostel Saphaipae Hostel Saphaipae Hostel

We were supposed to head to Koh Tao the next day but decided against it because we didn’t even get a chance to explore Bangkok much. We had gone to bed at 1am and 4 hours later, I was up and ready to go out for the day. Jasmine was still sleeping so I decided to walk to a Cross Fit that was about 15 mins away from the hostel. Crazy? Yes. The first thing I do in Asia is work out… Ha! Afterwards, I decided to start the day right with an iced green tea latte for less than a $1US!


In preparation for the New Years in Thailand, we were told that most transportation will be closed in advanced. With that said, we made our way to the train station to get everything squared away. They were right, every thing was booked out and we had to settled on buying the lowest class fare for our rides around Thailand. So far, it’s been okay but we shall see what this will be like when I go to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.

Lemon HubAfterwards, we had headed to China Town. We were in search for the best restaurant that the town had to offer and we had stumbled upon Hoon Kuang. This place was small, quaint, and a family charm to it. We had saw a newspaper article about this restaurant and decided to go inside. The owner was friendly and had recommended us a dish with rice noodles, egg, basil, and minced chicken. Not bad for $2.56US.

Tuk Tuk Yummy Durian

Fish out in the hot sun all day...

Fish out in the hot sun all day…


Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit

Rice Noodles, Egg, Basil with Chicken

Jasmine didn’t bring much clothes so we decided to go to MBK and the Siam Center. I only wish I wasn’t backpacking at this very moment because there were so many items from clothes, perfume, tiger balm, etc that was sooo cheap. I could tell myself that it’s just another lb in my bag, but thankfully I decided against it. It’s been nice traveling pretty light (I was able to mail the majority of my items to a friend in Sydney. Thank you Sam for helping me out with the postage and Rowena for taking care of my items)!


A couple of hours later, we decided to indulge in some chocolate and biscuits at Magnum. I am only on 4 hours of sleep in the past two days at this point and before we have our last night in Bangkok, we decided to rest back at the hostel. 3 hours passed and I am already on my phone researching for my next adventure. So much for my sleep.

Magnum Cafe Tea Time

We had met Maya (UK) from our room and we all decided to see what the night life was like in Bangkok. Decided to share a bottle of warm white wine and honestly, that was probably the best part of the night. Just talking to the ladies and sharing our traveling stories, talking about our family, and enjoying each other’s company. But who goes to Bangkok and not experience the infamous night life?

Maya, Myself, and Jasmine

My first Leo

My first Leo

My First Singha

Jasmine and I wanted to get a picture of Bangkok and we all decided to walk to the Grand Lebua hotel first for a picturesque photo. So much for that. It was closed. Next time.

Some guy at our hostel invited himself and the four of us go to Khan Sao road where bars, clubs, and lounges are lined one after the other. I’m not sure if it was a Thursday night or the fact that we didn’t get to the road until 2am but it was pretty dead considering this is the road where all expats head to.

Khan Sao Road Khan Sao Road

I must be a noob but people had suggested I get a bucket of booze before we head to the clubs and I thought they meant a bucket full of ice with bottles in it. I was wrong. It consisted of a bucket with ice and booze in it. Now that I think of it, they probably didn’t even wash the bucket and I could’ve gotten sick from the ice. ..

Sangsom with redbull bucket

It was a fun night watching and observing every one.

You would think at this point, I could sleep in. Too my surprise, I woke up and did 50 strict pushups and a 10 min work out and on another 4 hours of sleep. I can’t let what happened in South America, happen to me again! Ha!


Our goal today was to make it to the popular temples in Bangkok. Started our day with a smoothie for just $1US! The lady here is so nice to us and I never been obsess with fruit smoothies but hanging with Jasmine I realized I love it more than anything, especially since it’s super hot and humid!

First stop: Wat Traimit

Here you will find the the world’s largest solid gold statue. If you ever go here make sure you are fully clothed from shoulder to knees. I had to rent a piece of fabric for my booty shorts and tank.

Covered up for the temples

Covered up for the temples

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit

Before we decided to go to our second stop, we were stopped by a Tuk Tuk driver. Oh were we tricked. The driver told us he will take us to our destination for a low price if we do him a favor. The favor was to talk to his boss for about 10 minutes and act like we wanted something from the tour packages. After that was done, he said he couldn’t drop us off at the location and took us to the pier close by.

All of the taxi drivers would not use their meter to take us to this temple. It was quite annoying and the only reason why they wouldn’t do it was because we were in an area full of hotels and tourists that they can make money out of us. After asking multiple drivers, one decides to give us a lift. The reason why you wanna use a meter is because it’s super cheap compared to the flat rates.

We had arrived late for the majority of the temples but decided to go to Wat Pho:

I still haven’t received a massage yet but this temple supposedly started the traditional Thai massage. It was quite odd but after doing a metal prayer for my family, I got super emotional and just wanted to be with them.

Wat Pho Reclining Buddha Mental Prayer Wat Pho

We had found this restaurant called, “Coconut Palm” around the corner of Wat Pho and decided to go since it had a Tripadvisor sticker on the window. Thankfully we did because their Pad Thai was delicious!

After dinner, we walked around aimlessly and found more markets:

Dry Squid Flowers Steam Rice Fruit Fishes

Afterwards we headed to the train station to go to Koh Tao. The bus ride was 8 hours to Chumporn. From there, we waited for 4 hours at the pier and then took a 3 hour boat ride to Koh Tao. Too my amazement, I slept the entire time and at the pier!!!! What are the odds that I sleep in a shitty condition rather than on a comfy room.

Brushing Our teeth in a bathroom before the bus ride Jasmine sleeping At the Pier sleeping Boat Ride Sunrise at the Pier


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