Lamington National Park Goldcoast Australia

When you start traveling for a long periods of time, you get home sick, miss mommy’s food, or being around in your own bed.

However, today, when I was in Sam’s car driving through the luscious green trees, plants, wallabies, and staring off to space, I was reminded of how lucky I am to experience this all on my own from a backpacker’s view.

From Southport, Lamington National Park is about an hour and half drive away from the Gold Coast. This park is known for its rainforests, ancient trees, birds, waterfalls, and mountain view points.

View point

We started the day pretty early due to the amount of tourists and traffic the park receives. Started our day around 6:30am and headed towards the park.

Our mission was to do three different hikes:

I can’t remember the name of the first one was; however, you have to take the Box Forest Circuit route and from there cut into one of the random paths and find your way towards this waterfall. Due to the cyclone that we had recently, the path was closed off. My friends were determined to check it out and so we did. We walked through the creek through wet and mossy rocks, spiders, centipedes, leeches, and fishes. You know, for being okay with things like this, I was actually pretty nervous that some bizarre bug was going to bite me since Australia has a lot of poisonous species.

Lamington National Park Mushrooms Ancient Tree 1st waterfall Trekking through the stream Myself, Karolina, Sam, and Jesse

The water was flowing pretty well and one of us should’ve jumped into the rock pool but were too lazy and cold for it.

The second hike was the known Tree Top Walk suspended about 49 feet from the ground. It was kind of neat to do this since it was free and you can climb up to two ladders with for another view on the observation decks provided.

Tree Top Walk Tree Top Walk Beautiful Birds

Lastly, we went to go check out Morans Falls. This was by far my favorite. After going through the bush walk towards the waterfall, there is another area before the platform where you can cut right and basically follow it towards the sounds of the waterfall and be right on top of the edge. Pretty scary because I did slip a little bit due to the moss. From here, it was an amazing view.

Morans Falls On the top of Morans Falls Why, Hello Scary!

We had hiked about 8 miles which may be wrong? I had an app on and it said that we did about 13k but not sure if that was correct. We were done about 1pm and headed to Canungra for apparently some good meat pies. I was explaining to Jesse and Sam earlier that I had gone to this fast food joint for a good meat pie and it was horrendous.

Outpost Cafe

With that said, Jesse decided that we should get a meat pie at Outpost Cafe and thank goodness he did because it was freaking good! The cafe is not expensive and it had a quaint and country charm to it.  I had the steak and curry because they were out of their award winning famous Steak, Bacon, and Guinness. My steak was moist and the curry seasoning was not over powering but enough to get your taste buds going. The pie was the best part: flaky, crispy, and not soggy from the meat mixture. Writing this right now makes me want to go back and get another one…

Steak and Curry from Outpost Cafe


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