Springbrook National Park – Natural Bridge Goldcoast Australia

What to do when you are on only 7 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours? Take advantage of the sun, go on an adventure, grab the bug spray and don’t sleep!

Today, my friend Matt and I decided to head to Springbrook National Park which is about an hour drive out to the boonies to see the Natural Bridge section.

Natural Bridge

According to Wikipedia, “The park is part of the Shield Volcano Group of the World Heritage site Gondwana Rainforests of Australia…” The Gondwana Rainforests are the largest subtropcial rainforest in the world.

When you arrive to the Natural Bridge section, there are two ways to get down to the see the wonderful waterfall. I believe if you go clockwise, you go through more of a scenic route and if you go counter clockwise, you will find a pave path that will lead you straight to the bridge.

Upon arrival, you will find an open cave called, “Cave Creek” which is home to glow worms and tons of bats! The Natural Bridge was formed by a waterfall that went through the cave and dug a hole out from up top.

Natural Bridge

Matt said in the past, people would jump into the waterfall; however, mishaps, have closed this off to risk takers!



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