I Am Tim Tam Out!

I think I am on a sugar high at the moment…

Tim Tam!

For some reason, every one was telling me that I had to try the biscuits here called Tim Tam. For some reason, it didn’t appeal to me in the beginning. The reason for this is because the only time I can find the packets were in super markets and it looked like a normal cookie to me filled with lots of sugar.

However, after doing my first WOD for the Cross Fit Open of 2013, I decided to treat myself to a night of Tim Tam Tasting! I know, I shouldn’t be eating sweets, but what the heck, I am backpacking in Australia! You only live once. I couldn’t do this alone and since my room mate was not up for the challenge, I had my friend Matt come over to have some with me! I had bought 8 out of the 10 flavors that Australia has to offer in Tim Tams. I would’ve had bought the other two flavors; however, they come in a package of 11 and I seriously only needed to try one of each! Their new treat pack consisted of only 5 biscuits in a package.

I seriously thought they were small like  Twix size; however, I was wrong and my stomach is paying for it!

A Tim Tam is basically 2 malt cookies that is sandwiched in a cream filing of some flavor covered in a thin layer of chocolate. The name was actually derived from a horse from the Kentucky Derby.

In the United States, you can find these biscuits at Target mainly during October through March. They might not be named Tim Tam but “Arnott’s Original.”

The Australian peeps that I have met said that I must bite a Tim Tam on opposite ends and drink it like a straw in a coffee cup. I normally don’t like mushy cookies; however, it was quite an experience and was delicious! I believe this movement can be called the Tim Tam Slam, Tim Tam Bomb, Tim Tam Explosion, etc.

Tim Tam Slam!

I don’t know if I am being paranoid but my teeth is feeling quite sensitive to the sugar. Overall, I had 13 biscuits total for myself out of the 40 that I had bought and it is still a normal biscuit on the counters of a grocery store to me. The originals were good but not good enough to go crazy for it! Partially, because my tooth aches at the moment. Maybe 13, in one night was not the best idea. The company even has a tour bus that goes around Australia giving out Tim Tams!

I would have to say the following is my favorite in order:

Tim Tam Original

Tim Tam White

Tim Tam Honeycomb

Tim Tam Turkish Delight

Tim Tam Double Choc Vanilla

Tim Tam Dark Chocolate Mint

Tim Tam Dark Chocolate Rum and Raisin

Tim Tam Choc Orange

Which one is your favorite? Any past time stories of when you had your first Tim Tam? Perhaps you made a tower like we did!

Tim Tam Tower

Tim Tam Out!Tim Tam out!


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