It’s finally sunny… spent the day in Currumbin

Today marks my 11th night in Australia and I managed to snag a job at a coffee shop at the mall down the street from me. It’s about a 15 minute walk which isn’t bad and I only work 4 hours out of the day. I honestly, don’t need this job but it’s only 4 hours out of my day, and most of you know that I get bored easily so why not get some extra cash for more adventures!

Out of the 11 nights, yesterday was the first day it was sunny! At least 80 degrees and no hint of rain! Had to use it to my advantage. My roommate and I were out of the door by 9:30a.m and headed to Currumbin. It’s about a 30 minute drive; however, the car was in no shape to go. We arrive around 12p; a 2 1/2 hour journey on buses and shuttles…

We had decided to go this part of town due to the gorgeous beachfront and the Bleach* Festival. The festival is all about art, music, film, and surf throughout a period of 3 weekends.

Bleach* Festival

Once we had arrived, we had gone to the Village Markets. These markets are known for individuals who are their own entrepreneurs in designing everything from clothes, jewelry, wallets, to Instagram shirts. We tasted about 5-10 different honey at a local store near by and that was pretty good.

The Sentimentalist


We had strolled down towards the beach where they had interpreted dancers. It was really random and strange hence their name, “Strange Fruit”

Strange Fruit

After, we walked along the beach and went up to Elephant Rock to take some pictures from above. We walked back to the festival and listened to some local bands play. Then, went back to the beach and I passed out on the sand. I was pretty tired walking around a lot.

Local Bands More beachfront Elephant Rock

Above Elephant Rock Above Elephant Rock

In the evening, we decided to walk to the neighborhood of Tulgan for a dinner festival. The dinner festival had roughly 20 restaurants participating where you can get food at a special price. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed in this. I was thinking huge discounts with variety; however, the majority of the meals were in the average of $15-$20 and it didn’t really taste that well. It was cool to see a town put together a communal dinner table and a stage where there local bands were playing.

Tulgan Eats

Communal Dinner

Overall, it was nice to get outside and take advantage of the sun. Until next time.


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