Finally settling in along the Gold Coast in Australia

So long New Zealand and 3 hours and a half later, I landed in Brisbane, Australia. Since I have a friend that lives along the Gold Coast in the town of Southport, I decided to head down south along the east coast of Australia.

My friends Jordan and Ben were kind enough to let me stay with them in their 2bdr place along the coast. Well, a 30 second walk from the patio.


30 sec walk to the beach!

I haven’t seen a beautiful park such as the one that is near our place. They have a zip line section, bike track, bouncy house, and a rock pool. Not sure if they have this any where else in the states but in California, the highlight was the monkey bars when I was a kid.

Zip line


I haven’t done  much but Surfer’s Paradise is about a 10 min bus ride and I’ve only been here during the night time but will need to upload a better picture from a top view of the lights of the sky rises. It definitely reminds me of Miami with the neon lights, tourists, etc. The picture below is of me walking towards the city. My ankles and knees have been acting up due to all the walks I’ve been doing. So use to having a car back at home!

Waking to Surfers Paradise

There are plenty of farmer’s markets in California; however, I wanted to try them out here in Australia to see what kind of items taste different and to see what can come up like Kangaroo balls and what not.

Farmer's Market

It’s only been 3 nights since I’ve been here but so far, I am loving it.  Hopefully, I can find  a part time job to help me out with my adventures in Australia! I need to learn how to drive on the other side and figure out the slang words that are used here. In addition, I gotta watch out for the birds that will attack you!

I finally got my Asian food. I guess this could be the meal to celebrate Chinese New Year. Missing my mom’s food!

First dinner in Australia

So far, I registered for a tax number, got a phone number, bank card, and a member at Cross Fit Broad Beach…I know my priorities. haha Hopefully, the weather gets better and it  is sunny again. It’s been cloudy, humid, and rainy. Until next time!


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