Waiheke Island

My day at Waiheke Island was quite wonderful. I didn’t know what to expect and only assumed that the island was a tourist trap. Yes, the prices were definitely marked up and expect to pay a lot. The island is known for the wineries and what nature has best to offer. This island is about a 35 min ride from Auckland and the second largest island in the Hauraki Gulf.


The name Waiheke in translation means descending waters. Apparently the Maori explorers came to this island and peed on it.


I was not feeling well and wanted to just lay on the beach. Once you arrive at the ferry landing, you walk through the building and will find many buses that will take you any where on the island. Since I didn’t do much research, I just found the first bus and hopped on. You can either get an all day pass and explore the island for 9NZ or do a one way pass for 4.40NZ. It’s best to do the one day ticket since you only .20 cents.


The bus had taken me to Onetangi Beach. It reminded me of the beaches in Costa Rica with the luscious green trees in the background and the beautiful white sand; however, this was probably one of the cleanest beaches I have ever been too. There were no bugs bothering me, the sand felt so good beneath my feet, and the water was close to perfect.


After falling asleep on the beach, I did a self guided walking tour around the area and landed at a chic restaurant overlooking the bay. This was my first meal in New Zealand and seriously it was the best soup ever!



I didn’t get a chance to go to the wineries and try what the country is known for Sauvignon Blanc; however, I did get a great tan and a start to my first summer of 2013!



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