Recap of 2012 – 8 countries, 6 states, and countless cities later..

I know this a bit late but it’s currently raining outside and this cup of tea with Mumford & Sons in the background is inspiring me to write this post.

Although I had some life changing experiences – 2012 was still not my best year. Some may say that it should be due to my travels; however, there were definitely lots of ups and downs but it’s okay, it doesn’t need to be the “best”. I believe that the year of 2013 will be because of the decisions that were made in 2012. I am still learning how to put myself first, to love again, and to be okay to lean on others. Going into the year of 2012, I already felt like I was missing something. I needed a change, wanted to move away, and start a new life. It didn’t happen until the end of August.

When I was young, I was always curious as to what was out there besides the small town that I grew up at (Redlands, CA). Once I was 17, I moved to San Diego and had lived there for 9 years on my own. I was blessed with many friends, a successful career, and a great boyfriend. However, the boyfriend and I of close to 6 years parted ways in the begining of the year and I didn’t truly begin to heal until the end of May. During this time, I was promoted to manager at my company of four years, Bear became a divorce child, my view on life started to change, and I have the best girl friends any girl could ever wish for.

Since I had grew up in a small town, I had loved going on adventures and hoped that one day I can travel the world and explore what it has to offer me. Last year, while I was in my grieving stages, I looked back at to what I would have done differently if the boyfriend was not in the picture. First  – I would not have been at my company that I had no passion for. Secondly – I would be more adventurous and travel more.

My last day at work was on August 29th and since then, I have been traveling and bumming it around the globe. To all my friends out there, yes, I told you it’s something that I have always wanted to do; however, going on these adventures is helping me to not be afraid, to love again, and to be okay to lean on others.

Although 2012 was not my best year, I can say that I at least did my best to be open minded and to be more adventurous.

Here’s a recap as to what I did each month of 2012 through pictures. Enjoy:


* Joined a Co-ed Flag Football Team

* Went to Vail, Co



* PINK Party Bus – 46 people joined my party bus to go wine tasting at Temecula, cA and 5% of the proceeds went to charity

* Went camping with the siblings in Yucaipa, CA and snowboarded at Bear Mtn

PINK Party Bus



* Bear and I hiked Cowles Mtn in San Diego, CA

* Learned how to sail a boat in San Diego, CA

1st time sailing

Cowles Mountain


* Road trip with the sister from San Diego to San Francisco along the HWY 101 – stopped at Santa Barbara, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Davis, and San Francisco #1

* Went to Costa Rica – Raft on a river at level 3/4, hiked a volcano and entered it’s lagoon, water slide into hot springs, strapped on for bungee jump and was chickened to jump, and walked the beached at Manuel Antonio National Park

Twin Peaks in SF, CAAlong the Coast of HWY 101Arenal Volcano

White Water Rafting


* Got promoted to Quality Assurance Manager at my last company in San Diego, CA

* Beverly graduated with her MBA – celebrated with the sisters in Redlands, CA

* Signature jumping pose with the ladies at Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, CA

Julie, Me, Bev


* Girls trip to Palm Springs, CA ❤ my girls Rachel and Jeanne!

* Joined a Co-ed Soccer Team

* Went to the San Diego Wild Animal Zoo with the family

* Sister hosted a beach party at Redondo Beach, CA

* Bestie Bianca visited San Diego and had a Palm Springs getaway

* Bear conquered another hike at Runyan Canyon in Los Angeles, CA

Palm Springs, CA
Wild Animal Zoo
Redondo Beach, CA

Palm Springs with Bianca

Runyan CanyonJuly

* Celebrated the 4th with my childhood friends Sundy and Lena in New York, NewYork: Tico Torres, drummer, for Bon Jovi thought we were famous at Catch Restaurant, walking food tour in NY is amazing, and as always, I want to move here one day.

* Camped at Barton Flats at San Bernardino County, CA

* Stayed in Huntington Beach, CA quite a few times on my sister’s couch

* Gave a month notice at work and moved the majority of my things back to my parents house and crashed at a friend’s and slept on an air mattress for a month! Best month ever! ❤ you Rachel!

Catch Restaurant

July 4th in New York

Moving Day

Jenns LakeAugust

* First Bachelorette Party – Las Vegas, NV #1

* First Dallas Cowboys Game – San Diego, CA – Owner of Green Flash Brewery hosted us

* My going away girl’s trip in Las Vegas, NV #2 – saw Rusko live, showed British boys what In N’ Out was, and it was the best Vegas trip ever.

* San Francisco, CA #2 – for a wedding and had the best boba ever at Purple Kow! Thanks to my cousin Nancy. Went on my first hornblower and hiked Lands End

* Left my 4 year company behind – an awesome good bye by my co-workers

Last Day at Work Las Vegas #1 Dallas Game Rusko SF Hornblower Lands End Cool Ladies!September:

* Visited my cousin Xuan Mai back east – went to Boston, Rochester, and Cape Cod MA and Rhode Island – made my first Vietnamese dessert – Banh Bo “sponge rice cake” and the best homemade lobster

* Went back to New York #2 and my bestie Bianca joined me: went on a mission to have the best of ____ food, went to my first broadway show, went to a warehouse party, celebrated Beverly’s 25th, had a picnic on a subway, and still want to move to NY!

* Hiked Mt. Baldy, CA – highest elevation for me

* Hiked Aztec Falls, CA

* Had 7 vaccines – ouch

Warehouse Chicago LOVE Banh Bo Lobster

Mt. Baldy

Aztec Falls


* Went on my first backpacking trip with Beverly – visited Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia

* Ecuador – CrossFit in Quito, hiked a volcano when it was snowing, reached the top of the glacier and rappelled from it, then mountain biked down the mountain, went to the largest flea market in South America

* Peru – Visited Machu Picchu and went on my first horse back riding

* Bolivia – went to the jungle with 5 other ladies, almost died from the world’s deadliest road, visited the world’s largest salt flat, and saw the largest lake in South America

Horse Back Riding Machu Picchu Uyuni


* Visited Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil – had the best ice cream ever in these countries, danced away until 4am with the Brazilians and stayed at a local family, and had the best steak ever, and fell in love with a waterfall.


* Joined an Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

* Bumming it at the parents before I head to New Zealand

* Went to my first NBA Game

* Las Vegas, NV #3

* San Francisco, CA #3 – Celebrated NYE

* Went to San Jose and Napa Valley

Clippers Game

Napa Valley

This last picture is how I am right now. Relaxed and can’t wait for my next adventure! 30 days until I head to New Zealand.


4 responses to “Recap of 2012 – 8 countries, 6 states, and countless cities later..

  1. The night is cold, the woods are deep
    but there are promises to keep
    and miles to go before you sleep!!!
    Great adventures: Go on!!!!

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