Day 34 – Biking through Bueno Aires and Colonia Del Sacramento

It’s been a while since I have written on my travels but that is due to all of my eating in Argentina and Uruguay!

I was absolutely in love with the enchanting, lively, romantic, and charming city of Bueno Aires and only wish I could’ve stayed there a bit longer. Since I had a short stay, my college friends from Biking Bueno Aires had given my sister and I a courtesy 7 hour tour around the city on a bike! I thought I had it good when I was in Chile for food but Argentina knows how to win a girl’s heart. I had stayed at Milhouse Avenue Hostel in Microcentro – this is downtown. If you are trying to go more for the Argentina culture, I would not recommend this area. It was nice to be around the main historical sites and resturants; however, this area is geared towards tourists.

If you don’t want to pay for a tango show, you can see them for free on the streets. I believe the picture below was taken off of Florida St.

I never thought I would celebrate my 27th birthday in Bueno Aires; however, I did. We heard about the meat in Argentina and decided to go on a mission to find the best steak ever. While walking the streets for a couple of hours, Beverly and I met Frank and Denis from New York. We had decided to join them for drinks and was later told by a man that we had to get the steak from Las Nazarenas Grill, and so we did. The picture below is really sad and pathetic. Just a lonesome steak with nothing paired to it. Maybe it was best to have a fine piece of meat sit there alone. All I know is that it was the best steak I ever had. It was succulent, juicy, perfectly medium rare, and quite delicious with my Malbec. Below is the Bife de Chorizo – “beef steak” – 400grams

While biking through Bueno Aires, we were able to see a piece of history from each of the “barrios”. There are 48 neighborhoods alone in Bueno Aires; however, we had only gone through the main ones.

The first barrio is La Boca. Here you will find colors of red, yellow, blue, green, etc painted all over the buildings. There is a street named Caminito where artists and crafters sell his/her authentic work. Look for a man with no arms and is able to paint beautiful pictures with his mouth.

Cruising through the city on our bikes courtesy of Biking Bueno Aires:

You would think that I am tired of all of this meat but if you are ever in town, you gotta try the pork sandwich from a “Parilla”. I don’t eat a lot of pork so I wouldn’t know what is best but all I do know is that this sandwich was pretty good. I had every bite of this sandwich below! Pretty amazed at myself haha.

Another neighborhood that one should visit is Recoleta. This town is very beautiful with it’s luscious green landscape, Parisian buildings, and the famous Recoleta Cemetery. I have never seen a cemetery so beautiful as the one that I saw in Argentina. Coy from Biking Bueno Aires, mentioned that you have to have at least 5 million US dollars in order to keep someone here for at least 5 years. If you are unable to pay for the lot, they will re-vamp the lot for another family. Some of the graves you can see the coffin through stain glass windows, behind iron gates, or below stairs.

In the city, you will find many cafes boasting capacchinos, people walking with mates, and alfajor every where. I think this country loves sugar and mate more than water.

On the streets, you can find a guy riding his bike and on the other arm his mate. What is a mate? It’s basically a device where you put mate tea leaves and hot water. You drink out of the mate straw.

As for the sweets, I would have to say “Alfajor” is every where. The fact is that Argentineans consumed more alfajores than anyone else in the world. They are basically two sweet biscuits filled with either mousse, dulce de leche, or jam and covered with black or white chocolate. There are many variations of these small packages on the streets. I wish I would’ve taken a picture for every one that I tried along with the many different ice cream I had every day for the past couple of weeks. Which alfajor is your favorite? I bought a bunch for my family and friends to try when I get back!

Lastly, the night life in Bueno Aires is something that each and every one of you have to experience on your own. It is definitely different from the clubs in Vegas.

After, Beverly and I decided to do a day trip in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. From Bueno Aires, you can take a speed boat from Buquebus for about an hour. The slower boat can take up to 3 hours for you to arrive. Since we only had a day, we decided to see the town on bikes. I’m glad that we only stayed there for a day since there wasn’t much to see or do.

Below is an old bull fighting arena:

Riding along the beautiful colonial coast

The main attraction in Colonia is their lighthouse. Up top, you see a better view of the town

The majority of the town is filled with cobblestone roads, old school cars, and many restaurants. If you ever go to town try the fresh ice cream at Heladeria Arcoiris and Uruguay’s known “Chivito”. The chivito is basically a sandwich with any meat you prefer, fried eggs and bacon over french fries. We opted for the filet mignon since that is more tradition with the country.

If only I can show you all of the ice cream cones I have had in Argentina. Here is one to end this post:


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    • You know, when I am back in the states, I don’t eat ice cream much. I think it’s the consistency or something about it but I sure “hate” it! 😉

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