Day 9 – A day/night in the city of Cusco

I’m not feeling well at the moment; I think I caught something because I feel very fatigue. It’s a risk to take to eat food from the vendors on the street, but it’s so good and cheap! I think that’s where I got my sickness. Thank goodness for my antibiotics that I brought.

With that said, I didn’t do much but explore the day and night life in Cusco where I am currently staying and had some vendor foods along the way.

We had gone to San Pedro Market where it’s a typical farmer’s market back in the states. It had a variety of things such as spices, vegetables, artwork, and random things like frogs that are skinned.

At night, the city is filled with lights, people, and beautiful architecture.

I’ll be on my way to Aguas Caliente tomorrow early morning and probably won’t have access to internet until Saturday. Below is where I was staying at Hostel Ecopackers. During my stay, I had met some peeps and had hit the town to salsa dance.


2 responses to “Day 9 – A day/night in the city of Cusco

    • Dude, I so want to show the picture but I almost puke trying to take the picture. I had Beverly do it for me haha..

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