Day 8 – Countryside in Cusco, Peru

We finally arrived to Cusco, Peru yesterday and spent today on the countryside. Cusco is the capital for the Inka Empire and is a World Heritage Site named by UNESCO.

My goal today was to get a map and hike for about 10 miles roundtrip to the four main historic sites: Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Puca Pucara and Tambo Machay. I had met some Canadians while waiting for Beverly on the road and asked if they wanted to come along.

We started to head to Sacsayhuaman when we had met a lady who had a lama and the adventure starts there!

She had asked us what we were doing and we had told her that we wanted to go see these sites. She asked if we wanted to go horseback riding to these places for 35 soles ($13.54) each instead. I’ve never been on a horse and for the amount she was offering us, we couldn’t pass it up.

Meet Whiskey :

A great way to spend the day horseback riding through the countryside to view some ruins, talk to the locals, and eat at a random hole in the wall for 3.50 soles ($1.50)


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