Day 3 Latitude 0′ 0′ 0′ – Quarters can go a long way

Last night, Beverly and I thought we were going to take down everyone in the hostel on pool. First one up is my partner Ryan from Australia and I. Close game but I got out! 😦 Beverly makes it to the final rounds but also lost! At least it was a fun $2 pool tourney game that the hostel put on for us. Maybe I’ll take every one on poker one of these nights. The best thing about staying in hostels is that every one has done something that you want to do AND the most efficient and inexpensive way. We were able to book our volcano hike tour for tomorrow and understand the bus system in Quito.

I learned quite a few things today. The first is that quarters can go a long way! Our first thing this morning was to check out the one and only Cross Fit Quito! A round trip bus of 3 miles for only .50 cents! The buses are just like any another buses; however, I founded it more clean then the buses I have taken in the US. They were the pretty average buses with tons of commuters, kids, and people hustling.

Every one in the hostel recommended us on going to the Equator (La Mitad del Mundo). I originally didn’t have this in our plans to visit because it was far and the reviews from travelers said it was a a tourist trap. Didn’t have much plan again so thought why not. Before we started there, we were told it would be a 1 hour and 15 min bus ride to the place with 2 bus changes. A round trip of 31 miles.

Well, mind as well stock up on food for our adventure to the equator line! On our way to the bus stop, Bev and I needed to do a bathroom stop. We found a hole in the wall restaurant of an elderly lady grilling up some food in a small 15×15 store. We thought we buy something for the use of a toilet.

What happens, we score!! A lunch meal of rice, beans, and charbroiled pork was only $1.50!

Best toilet and lunch break ever!

After stocking up on snacks at a nearby grocery store, we head to our bus stop. 20 min walk from the hostel, we stood on this bus below for 1 hour and 15 minutes…

Just what I thought, a big time tourist trap. I don’t know if it was really worth paying $2 dollars just to take a picture to say you were at the equator line. I had done my research before back at the states and well, this is not the real equator line. It is actually a couple meters away from the actual site…

At least I got a picture and was able to soak in the culture that Quito have offered me!  
One lesson that I hope Bev learned today was that you don’t ever settled! We have been fortunate to have some great food for under $3.50! Our hostel is next to a touristy plaza full of restaurants, bars, etc. Basically something you can see in the streets of downtown San Diego. We saw a sign that said BBQ  and mind you it looked very touristy yet we decided to stay and eat. We had split a plate of BBQ ribs, steak fries, veggies, and cole slaw. It sounds bomb considering we have had a lot of rice and beans; however, it was so disappointed. The sad thing was the price tag on this plate!


Feeling sorry for ourselves and knowing that we could’ve gone back to the elderly lady and could have gotten 8 meals out of her, we decided to hit our neighborhood La Mariscal for some pool and Ecuadorian beer. I was skeptical on staying here when we first arrived due to the fact that this is one of the dangerous areas in Quito. Honestly, it has been a great experience talking to the locals and enjoying their company.   Learned some great pool courses from our friends Estaban and Ferique. I won one game by default 😦 Tested out some of the local beers: Pilsner Beer and a beer that was mixed with Tabasco, lemon, and salt called Michelada! Delicious! For those that don’t know, I collect beer glasses at each country I have been to and Finn McCool’s Irish Pub donated a glass to me 🙂


11 responses to “Day 3 Latitude 0′ 0′ 0′ – Quarters can go a long way

  1. that food looks gross.. but it seems like you guys are doing as much as you can in a day!

  2. Hey you’re in hispanic culture! Rice and beans every meal! Haha, looks like you wont be losing much weight after all! 😉

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