Day 2 A Walk into Old Town – Elevation Gain of 9350ft

The best thing about this hostel so far is that my breakfast is free and it comes with clean warm showers!

After breakfast, Bev and I decided to do a mini WOD since I haven’t had the chance to go to a Cross Fit out here yet.

We didn’t really have anything planned today and decided to take a brisk walk to Old Town. The lady in the front say it will only take 13 minutes to hour and half later..we made it to the old town…but hey it was free and we were able to explore a lot of things.

To the top is the beautiful Basilica del Voto Nacional. It is the largest neo-Gothic basilica in the Americas (Wikipedia).Below is the inside of the Church of the Society of Jesus.

After walking around aimlessly, we had larva for lunch.

I kid. I kid. Although, I was thinking about trying it… We were told by the guards at the church to get lunch at San Ignacio Restaurant. Good thing we did because I haven’t had a real meal since I have been in Ecuador. You can’t beat a lunch buffet for only $3.50!

Quinoa, Potato, and Tofu Soup along with Rice and Fried Chicken, Intestines, and Beef. Dessert were banana chips! I decided that I only like chicken and that I miss carne asada burritos in San Diego.

After lunch, I think the elevation was starting to hit me because right now my head still hurts and I feel a bit uneasy. Hopefully, it wasn’t the food!

We decided to hire a taxi driver to drive us around the town to see more of Quito. Here’s Beverly next to some neighborhoods that were supposedly dangerous. Honestly, it reminded me of an area in San Francisco, CA.

We are back in the hostel resting up due to the elevation. Tonight’s plan consists of Beverly signing up for the pool tournament at our hostel and I might just enter myself in a poker tournament.


4 responses to “Day 2 A Walk into Old Town – Elevation Gain of 9350ft

  1. haha, restroom .15 cents? i cant believe you guys forgot the camera! I am so jealous of you guys!

  2. The pictures still look great! Gotta love smart phones…
    The architecture looks awesome! Wish I could see it in person. I might be going on a trip to the Hearst Castle sometime soon to check that out back in California! Really cool example of Gothic architecture in your pictures tho. What was around the basilica?

    • Honestly, nothing. Kids getting out of school. People doing their own thing and visitors like us looking at places like this in awe. It was in a random neighborhood that we kind of just stumbled upon.

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