Day 1 en Route to Quito, Ecuador – How Many Strikes for One Night

Hola! I am writing this post from the middle seat of my second flight en route to Quito, Ecuador.

After months of planning, my sister Beverly and I are heading to our first night in South America.

Yesterday, went by way too fast. It took 6 hours to pack everything into my 80L Kelty bag and the goal was 25lbs. It ended up weighing 28lbs. Not too bad for 40 days worth of supplies for 7 different countries, not to mention the different seasons and terrain.

Below is the list of items that I brought:

  • 1 pair of Jeans
  • 1 pair of yoga Pants
  • 1 pair of PJ pants
  • 1 pair of Hiking Pants
  • 2 pairs of Shorts
  • 1 pair of Jean Shorts
  • 10 undies
  • 1 bra
  • 3 sports bras
  • 4 hiking socks
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 1 bathing suit
  • 1 bandana
  • 3 tops
  • 3 tanks
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 1 long sleeve


  • 1 jumprope
  • 4 ziplock bags
  • 1 spork
  • 1 laptop
  • 2 camel-baks


  • 1 hiking shoes
  • 2 sandals

3am and I am supposed to be on the road…..I am such a lagger but combined with both Beverly and I…this is going to be one of those close call rides.

3:23am and I am on the road to LAX, keep in mind that it takes hour and a half from the parents to LA. My flight is at 6am..

Thankfully, the roads were clear for us and we made it by 4:30am. Reasons why people don’t like to be in a rush, you forget things..

I really wanted to get the Del Classic Chicken burrito from Del Taco. Yes, if you know me, Del Taco is the best thing ever next to a filet mignon! No time to do a pick up. Strike 1!

While I am checking my bag, my dad rushes into the airport and asks, “Do I need the laptop?” Shoot. Strike 2. “Uh, yah” Okay, that should be the only thing.

Bev looks at me and says, “Dude, I forgot the camera…” OMG! WHAT….great…Strike 3 all of y’all are going to have to rely on the awesomeness of Instagram and my iPhone!

I needed a Bandaid for a blister and I had decided to ask the shops in the airport for one. What do I get? Confused looks and a croissant. No one in the shops at the Miami airport knew English! I tried to do a hand motion of putting a bandaid on my skin and a lady hands me a croissant….Bev and I are probably going to be screwed, since the both of don’t even know Spanish. The extent of my Spanish goes from the numbers of 1-10, I am Canadian, and Where is the bathroom? Perhaps, I should’ve looked into Rosetta Stone more seriously. Strike 4.

Dude, someone is ripping smelly ones like no other! I guess that’s what happens when everyone arounds you had airline food and no beano pills. Strike 5.

11:20p – settled in at my first hostel ever! 9 bucks a night per person for a 5 person bdr. So far, it’s pretty rad.


  • Airport Food – $7
  • Hostel Pick Up – $5
  • Water – $1.50
  • Total: $13.50

Peace out – Xuan


7 responses to “Day 1 en Route to Quito, Ecuador – How Many Strikes for One Night

    • Thanks Emi! I still gotta fix some things around but everyone in my room is sleeping and I am probably distracting them. Haha

  1. Wow I almost cant believe your really there right now.
    Were you more nervous or excited flying into a new country? Seems like the start of an awesome adventure! Jealous of you ladies. Cant wait for your next update!

    • I still feel like this whole trip hasn’t hit me yet. I had no feelings. It was more like sleep deprived and thinking to myself that my bag weighs too much…..!

  2. Que chevere!
    It sounds like you are having a fun time! I told you that you should have practiced Spanish with me more. gasp Well, buena suerte!Btw, next time you need a band aid, say “tienes una tirita?”

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